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Tungsten filaments
For auto lamps
For fluorescent lamps
For GLS lamps
For miniature lamps
For copy machines
For heaters
Parts for semiconductors
Tungsten rods for
semiconductors ROD
Parts for display
Cold cathodes for CCFL
Related equipment
Related equipment
in relation to tungsten
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Electrode module for display
CCFL electrode module
- CCFL = Electrode Module + Glass tube + Fluorescent substance + Mercury
         + Put & sealed gas + etc. Decision of life time and brightness of CCFL
- Electrode Module = [Ni+Mn] Wire + Kovar Wire + Glass + Ni( or Mo) cup
Main structure factors of CCFL electorde module


Straightening technology of Ni + Mn, Kovar wire:
Fine shearing technology of Ni  Mn, Kovar wire :
Precision laser welding technology of Ni/Mo cup and Kovar wire:
Glass beading technology of Kovar wire:
Welding technology of Ni+Mn, Kovar wire :
Precision alignment technology to minimize allowance of electrode concentricity :
Module measurement of CCFL electrodes :
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